15 Amazing Side Yard Garden Ideas

Side Yard Garden

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If your house had a gap between the outer wall and the fence, then you will have a space to use for something. It is actually a good idea to build a side yard, so that your house will have more plants to provide the fresh air everyday. Below we will show you some of the amazing side yard gardens that you might want to apply in your own home.

Of course the idea of a side yard garden is better rather than abandoning the side of your house to an unkempt place. There are actually many ways to decorate this small space, whether by planting something or make a pathway from the front to the back of your house. Moreover, you can also plant the creeping plants for the house wall outside.

Whatever your choice is, it is absolutely important to keep the side yard clean and neat. Firstly, you can start by planning of how you want to transform the side yard to be. Then, prepare the equipment and start the decoration.

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Creeping Plants On Your House Side

If you have a narrow side yard, it might be best to plant some creeping plants vertically. Not only that it doesn’t need so much space, but also you will have greens or flowers creeping on the wall.

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To plant the creeping plants, you can use some stainless framework. This way your plants will grow more organized and neat.

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Pathway From The Front to The Back

Another idea to decorate your side yard is making a beautiful pathway to connect the front and back side of the house. For example, you can use some big stones, or you might also use some wooden material to make the path.

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Also, remember to concern about the safety aspect of the pathways. In addition, you might also need some pebbles in between the pathway, so that when it rains, it is actually safe to walk in the pathways.

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Surprisingly, you can also build a pond on the side yard. Of course it will be more amazing if we can walk above the pond by some pathways. Moreover, you might also plant something to increase the green area on your side yard.

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Plants Alongside The Pathways

The snake plants or bamboo is absolutely the best choice when it comes to decorating the side yard. It is easy to grow, but also can give a calming atmosphere to the narrow yard beside your house.

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