14 White Kitchens to Inspire Your Next Remodel

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Kitchen is a cooking place that is often used in your house. In addition, the kitchen is also a place to eat with family every day.

Therefore, the kitchen should be considered beauty and comfort when used. This is done so that you can spend more time in the kitchen.

If you are looking for ideas related to the kitchen, this time we will share 14 white kitchen ideas that you can be applied at home.

Check out the explanation below.

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Using white color in the kitchen will create clean and hygienic impression. Therefore, you should make sure to always clean the kitchen at any time. Dirty white kitchen will be easily visible, if not often cleaned.

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Washbasin sink can use silver color. Silver color will remain suitable to use and combined with white.

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Placing ornamental plants in some parts of your kitchen turned out to make the kitchen atmosphere more beautiful. Beautiful flowers will affect the mood when going to cook, so choose the flowers you like most to be placed in the kitchen.

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A wide window and directly facing outdoors can be applied. In the morning and afternoon you don’t need to use additional lighting. Because sunlight is already very helpful as a kitchen lighting.

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Relax in the kitchen!

Put a comfortable rattan chair and a medium-size table in the kitchen. In the afternoon, you can invite your partner to relax together while enjoying warm coffee.

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You can combine a white kitchen with a brown floor!

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If you are comfortable to show activity in the kitchen to others, then the above concept can be applied.

Little Step to make Small Appartment Look Roomy

The kitchen will feel more spacious with the window facing out the house.

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Create a table like a bar concept!

In the way mentioned above, you can directly serve the food to the families who have been waiting in the chair.

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The combination of white and black is a very appropriate choice to do. The kitchen will look elegant and very interesting when viewed.

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This concept blends gray and white into one!

Don’t forget to add a unique patterned rug on the kitchen floor.

Are you interested in trying one of the ideas above?

Hopefully inspire!

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