12 Simple DIY Christmas Decoration

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Decorations become one of the factors that make your home look more attractive at Christmas. There are many so things that you can decorate like house doors, christmas tree, corner of your room and so forth.

There are also types of decorations that can be make at a very low cost. The thing you need to do is create your own decor in the house.

Don’t be afraid to fail to make Christmas decorations. This time, we will share 12 christmas decorations that you can make by yourself.

Good luck!

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 1
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The front door of your  house can be decorated like a typical snowman. The material you need is a color sticker to put on some parts of the door of the house.

Notice each shape and size of the sticker that you will put on the door of your house. The right sticker size will determine the level of decoration similarity that you make.

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 2
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Create the front door of your house like a christmas gift!

Decorate the door using a large red ribbon. Decorations like this will attract people who come to your house.

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 3
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Ice cream sticks can be used to create decorations with snow crystal shapes. Paste one part with other using wood glue to make it strong. Next do the painting using a brown wood paint.

Put this ornament in your living room!

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 4
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Have an unused color paint at home?

Use the color paint to create a unique decoration at christmas.

All you have to do is make a snow-shaped image of the snow, then coat it with the color paint that you have.

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Then you can paste it into the window pane of your house.

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 5
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Book lovers can use this decor!

Arrange the book you have become a unique and interesting Christmas tree to see. Add with decorative lights to make it more beautiful.

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 6
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Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 7
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It’s not hard to make this decor!

You just need to put the tree branch into the existing glass.

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 8
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Tree trunk you can use to become a unique decoration.

Creating a santa claus from a tree trunk can be the right choice.

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 9
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Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 10
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A unique wooden box can be a very interesting ornament during christmas.

Add the ribbon and greenery in this wooden box to make it more beautiful.

Simple Diy Christmas Decoration 11
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Take a little tree trunk and insert it into a glass bottle containing water.

You’ve got unique decoration!

That’s 11 decorations that you can make by yourself at home.

Good luck!

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