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12 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas tree is the main decoration that is in house when celebration of Christmas arrived. So it is very natural, if the Christmas tree bought by many people when Christmas arrived.

The beauty of the Christmas tree lies in the additional decorations that exist in each part. You can decorate the Christmas tree using a variety of interesting trinkets.

This time we will share 12 decoration ideas that you can apply to Christmas tree.

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Christmas Tree 1
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Christmas tree becomes very interesting with the existence of decorative lights. The splendor of Christmas is increasingly seen through above decoration ideas.

Christmas Tree 2
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Make a Christmas tree in your house into a snowman!

You can put the decoration with white color around the Christmas tree. Then put the decor of snowman’s head on the top of your christmas tree.

Christmas Tree 3
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Christmas Tree 4
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You need to prepare snow shaped decorations, christmas balls, stars, and more. Decorations are often done by many people, but very interesting to display in the house.

Christmas Tree 5
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Combination of red and white can be the right choice for you to use as decoration at christmas.

Christmas Tree 6
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Christmas trees with snow effect!

Add the deer-shaped decor at the top of the christmas tree. This Christmas tree is very interesting for you to try this Christmas celebration this year.

Christmas Tree 7
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Snowman replaces the Christmas tree!

If you love the design and uniqueness of the snowman, please use this decoration when christmas arrives.

Christmas Tree 8
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What distinguishes this Christmas tree from another Christmas tree?

The answer lies in the floral decorations added to each section of the Christmas tree. This decoration not only beautify the Christmas tree, but also attract everyone who come to visit your home.

Christmas Tree 9
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Santa Claus has come!

You can use the decor of a Santa toy and also add a hat-shaped decor that is often used by Santa Claus.

Christmas Tree 10
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Show the splendor of Christmas through this decor!

The red color will show the christmas to many people.

Christmas Tree 11
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It is not always a Christmas tree to be decorated in red.

If you are creative, then you can make a Christmas tree to be different from the decoration as above.

Christmas Tree 12
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Red and white red color of this decor looks very beautiful to look at. Don’t forget to put the gift with a matching color at the bottom of the Christmas tree.

Happy trying friends!

Hope to inspire you all.

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