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11 Best DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Family

The moment of sharing happiness and pleasure will arrive shortly. Christmas and new year just a few more days.

When Christmas arrives, it has become a tradition of people sharing gifts with their loved ones.

There are so many ideas to give a present to your family. One of them, you can make by your own, so the gifts become more special when you given to your family.

This time we will share 11 christmas presents that you can make by yourself.

DIY Christmas Gifts 1
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Give your dad a cup of coffee!

You can make this gift by using a white base colored cups. Then do the painting in some parts to form a typical snowman.

DIY Christmas Gifts 2
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Give this gift to your mother who likes with ornamental plants!

In order to make Christmas presents look unusual, you can decorate the flower pot into something different. Decorating a flowerpot with your name on its part will make it look more appealing.

DIY Christmas Gifts 3
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A beautiful Christmas gift to be a display at home!

You can use a clear glass to create this unique Christmas gift.

DIY Christmas Gifts 4
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You can use christmas lights and unused jams. Use these two objects to make a typical snowman and give it to the person that you love.

DIY Christmas Gifts 5
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Cooking gloves can be turned into something very useful. Use cooking gloves as a material to make it a place to put some cooking utensils.

Your mother will surely love this christmas gift.

DIY Christmas Gifts 6
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Create a mug hanger by using unused wood. Add the top with a beautiful sentence to make it more beautiful.

DIY Christmas Gifts 7
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Candy jars can be unique, if you are creative to decorate them!

Give this gift to your little sister, we’re sure she’ll love it.

DIY Christmas Gifts 8
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Apply this idea, if you have the ability to draw well.

You can make snowman and various christmas images by using stones.

DIY Christmas Gifts 9
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DIY Christmas Gifts 10
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No need to buy snow trees that have a high price.

You can make it by yourself and you can give it to a loved one.

DIY Christmas Gifts 11
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Prepare a wide enough canvas and color paint to make this christmas gift. This Christmas gift can be a decoration at the time of Christmas arrived.

You can make 11 gifts with your own!

Good luck!

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