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10 Large Wall Decorations For Your Home

Wall decorations are used by many people to make the home look more attractive to look at. You can use different types of decorations that can be placed in the bedroom, living room, or other parts of the house.

If you want to decorate the room with something unique and different. Decorations of walls with large size can be placed inside your house.

If you are interested in decorating a house with a large decoration. Here are 10 wall decoration ideas that you can use to beautify the room.

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Wall clocks can be very interesting decorations for display!

The black color on the wall clock can be combined with various colors of house paint.

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This wall decoration uses old wood as its main material. You can use wood with different shapes, then add with wood painted in attractive colors.

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Use this decoration, if you have a wide wall near the steps of the house.

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Family room will look more elegant with this wall decoration. The combination of black and white makes this decor very interesting to look at.

Interested to try?

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Decorate the bedroom with stunning wall decorations!

Decorating the walls with pictures of different types of feathers can be an interesting option. The thing to remember is to use neutral colors such as black, white, and brown to fit combined with various types of house paint.

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You can make this decoration yourself at home!

Use your creativity!

You can use a wide wooden board, then paint the part with different colors. No need to fear the result is not good, because this decoration has a unique abstract concept.

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The walls on outside of your house can be decorated to be more attractive.


You just need to arrange the wood to be horizontal from top to bottom. Then add a sticker with a very unique plant image as above.

Large Wall Decorations 8
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Create a romantic atmosphere inside your house using candles!

You can put this wall decoration in the bedroom or family room. At night, light the candles one by one to create a romantic atmosphere in the house.

Large Wall Decorations 9
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Don’t store photos in your laptop or smartphone only!

You can print old photographs in large size to put as wall decorations. Better to print photos in black and white to make the impression of old and filled with memories.

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Take advantage of tree branches around the house.

You can bundle the wood into a wall decoration that looks natural and unique.

Are you inspired with above information?

Good luck!

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