Bohemian Patio Ideas 10

10 Beautiful Bohemian Patio Ideas

Bohemian style was already known in Europe in the mid-19th century. This style became one of the symbols of freedom used by many people. In addition, many art lovers who apply this style when dressed everyday.

Besides being used as a fashion style, bohemian can also be used as a front porch style. For those of you who really love bohemian style would be interested in application of this style on the front porch.

The 2 main things about bohemian style are freedom and art, so you should be able to show these 2 factors while decorating the front porch.

How to decorate the front porch?

Here are 10 bohemian-style front porches that you can apply.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 1
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You can use 2 rattan chairs with extra pillows patterned on the front porch. Put also carpet with a similar motive to add harmony between the chair and carpet.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 2
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One of the most fun things to do is when you can relax with your beloved family on the front porch. Therefore, you need a sofa to put on the front porch. The shady trees around will make the atmosphere warmer.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 3
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Using a sofabed with the same motif with a carpet is an option you can apply. Green plants that hang on the ceiling of the house will further enhance the look of the front porch.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 4
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For those of you who love to care for plants, but lazy to water the plants every day, then you can apply this concept. The use of cactus plants on the front porch makes you no need to routinely water the plants every day.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 5
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Sitting cross-legged on a comfortable carpet and surrounded by shady trees is an option you can apply. Clinging with close friends and family will be very convenient to do here.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 6
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You can use bamboo which is used as roof. Add also a variety of green plants around the front porch to make it more beautiful.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 7
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You can make the front porch as a place to entertain guests who come to your house. A very unique bohemian concept can attract the attention of guests who come to your house.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 8
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Want to relax in afternoon?

Put a lounge chair on the front porch, don’t forget to put the bohemian patterned carpet underneath.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 9
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Relaxing during the day will not feel hot, when you use this concept. The existing roof can protect itself from heat from the sun. In addition, a soft pillow will make you more comfortable while relaxing here.

Bohemian Patio Ideas 10
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Create a place to relax from a strong bamboo, then add a bohemian-patterned cushion.

Very unique and interesting isn’t it?

Aren’t you interested to try it?

Hope it inspires!

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