Apartement Balcony Decorating 10

10 Apartement Balcony Decorating Ideas

There are so many residential options that you can have, from housing, townhouses, to apartments. Each occupancy has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the type of occupancy based on the desire and personal taste.

If you choose an apartment, one of the advantages you can feel is to see the city view from the balcony. The height of the apartment will determine how many sights you can see.

In order to support you enjoy the view from the balcony of apartment, the balcony should be well-decorated.

What kind of ideas can be applied to apartment balconies?

Here are 10 balcony decorating ideas that can beautify the balcony.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 1
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You can use 2 wooden chairs and a small table on the balcony of the apartment. So you can use the balcony as a romantic dining spot with a girlfriend at night. Put some green plants on the side of the balcony to make the balcony look fresher.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 2
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Relaxing on balcony of the apartment while enjoying afternoon atmosphere is a very pleasant thing to do. Therefore, you need a comfortable place to relax on the balcony. Using a large chair plus a soft cushion is a very appropriate choice.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 3
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Fresh air is what you really need, when living in a very crowded urban area. The balcony of apartment can bring fresh air, if you put the greenery in some parts. For those of you who like caring plants is perfect for using this concept.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 4
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The size of a narrow balcony isn’t a problem for you who want to decorate the look of apartment. The important thing to note is to use a small decoration so that the apartment balcony doesn’t become increasingly narrow.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 5
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Shades of green and fresh from vines can change your mood while relaxing on this balcony. Take time to make a pole on the top of the balcony that will be used as a place of green vines.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 6
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The concept of this balcony looks very simple and elegant. You just need to put a chair size 1 person, then place also a medium-sized table in other parts. Candles in the glass will beautify the balcony of the apartment.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 7
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For those of you who have children aged under five is very suitable to use this one balcony apartment concept. This balcony has a concept like a comfortable bed and you can use to rest together with your beloved family.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 8
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This concept is used, when you have a small apartment balcony and can not accommodate many large decorations. Simply use 2 small chairs and 1 table to complete it. Decorative lights on the balcony will make the atmosphere more romantic at night.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 9
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You can put decorative flowers in the balcony of the apartment. Balcony apartment decorated with various flowers will be more beautify the balcony view. Relaxing while enjoying the atmosphere of afternoon here can be a very fun option to do.

Apartement Balcony Decorating 10
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You can make a balcony as a place to eat together with other families. All you need to do is add a medium-sized wooden board to the balcony railing. The concept of this one is very appropriate to save the use of room.

Very unique and interesting isn’t it?

Are you inspired by the decorations we’ve mentioned above?

Good luck!

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