10 Gorgeous Gothic Furniture Set For Your Living Room

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Gothic looks very scary for most ordinary people. Though the style and appearance of the goth is one of the same style as Harajuku style in Japan. Due to the majority of the colors displayed dark, making a strange and mysterious impression is very attached to the look of the gothic.

If you are a person who loves gothic style and wants to show it in the house. We have some furniture ideas that can be used to support gothic display inside the house.

These 10 attractive furniture, that can support the look of gothic in the living room.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 1
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Glass cabinets with black color can be placed in the living room to give the impression gothic to the guests who come. In addition to strengthening the look of the gothic in the living room, you can use this glass cabinet as a place to store various collections for display.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 2
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You can choose Dark purple or dark red color as a sofa color that will be placed in the living room. The motif of the sofa is very unique and different will make the impression of luxury and gothic simultaneously.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 3
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The skull is one of the most dreadful objects to be displayed in the living room. If you have no problem with it, please put the glass decoration with skull motif in the living room.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 4
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If you want to show gothic impression coupled with elegant impression in the living room, then you can use this sofa. The black color of the sofa can match with a variety of other existing furniture colors.

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Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 5
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If you want to chat intimate with a close friend or spouse, then you can use this sofa in the living room. The capacity of the couch is only for 2 people and it is perfect for you to make a place to communicate with friends or spouse.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 6
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This goods storage cabinet has a black color as the dominant color with the addition of dark purple in some parts. Additional decorations in the form of a coffin that is on it will add the impression gothic and creepy when you put in living room.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 7
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Gothic doesn’t always have a horrible and frightening impression. This glass cabinet can still display the impression of gothic without the spooky impression when placed in the living room. The golden brown color of this glass cabinet makes the living room atmosphere look more elegant and very luxurious.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 8
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If you are bored with the usual form of sofa and want a different style, this sofa can be the best choice for you. Swing concept makes this sofa very comfortable and you can make this sofa as a place to relax while reading a book or play with the family.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 9
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This sofa can only be used for 1 person only. So, if you want to use it as a couch in the living room you better buy another additional sofa for guests who come.

Gorgeous Gothic Furniture 10
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Combination of gold and black color of this sofa makes it looks very interesting to put in the living room. Additional foot support can make you relax for a moment here after tired of working all day.

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You can apply 10 furniture above, if you want to show gothic style in the house.

Hope it inspires!

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