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10 Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home

There are so many choices of Christmas decorations that you can apply at home. One of the many decorations used by many people is the rural concept. By using the rustic concept as a christmas decoration at home, you can make the house look more unique than others.

Moreover, most of the decorations you can make yourself and you do not have to buy it in the store. What are the decorations that can be applied as a Christmas decoration?

Here are 10 Christmas decoration ideas with rustic concept.

Rustic Christmas Decor 1
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Ever thought of using a christmas tree from wood?

If not, then it is time to start applying this concept in your home. Making this decoration is very easy, you just need to arrange the wood into triangular shape. No need to be painted, you can let the natural color of wood.

Rustic Christmas Decor 2
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Deer is one of the animals associated with santa claus and christmas day. You can use this decoration at christmas, inside or outside the home. You can use a medium-sized tree trunk and some twigs to make this decoration.

Rustic Christmas Decor 3
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Decorations in the house you can make as in the countryside by using wood formed. Decorate the ladder with the addition of green leaves and red christmas ball for more interesting results.

Rustic Christmas Decor 4
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If you have an unused door, then use the material as a decoration in the bedroom. Add other decorations such as decorative lights, snow-shaped ornaments, and typical green christmas plants.

Rustic Christmas Decor 5
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Christmas tree doesn’t have to be expensive and you can make it in a very simple way. Utilizing unused wood and making it a Christmas tree is a way that can be done to decorate the outside of the house.

Rustic Christmas Decor 6
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A house with a brown color is the best place to create an atmosphere of feeling during Christmas. You just need to put decorations in the form of green plants on the door and pillars of the house. Wooden firecrackers in front of the house can also make the feelings feel stronger at Christmas.

Rustic Christmas Decor 7
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A large bottle of cow’s milk can be used as a flowerpot in the room. Enter a variety of green plants in it and also add a simple ribbon decoration to embellish the appearance

Rustic Christmas Decor 8
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Christmas trees can not only be made in real form, utilizing the creativity to draw a Christmas tree on a wooden board.

Use white chalk or white paint to draw a christmas tree on an available wooden board. Ornaments like this are perfect for you to put on the fireplace or on the wall.

Rustic Christmas Decor 9
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You can create your own christmas star to display a simple nuance in the house. Use the existing wood to make this decoration and then placed on the wall of your house.

Rustic Christmas Decor 10
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Used goods can be used as well as christmas decoration!

You can use a gray bucket as a pot, then place a small christmas tree on the inside. Put this ornament on the outside of the house to attract the attention of people who are outside the home.

That’s 10 Christmas decoration ideas with a rural concept that you can apply at home.

Interested to trying?

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