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15 Simple Van Conversions Interior

When you decided to be a travel photographer or travel blogger, you absolutely need a destination. A destination can fill your portfolio with amazing pictures, stories and experiences. Then how about having more than one destinations and you choose the road trip to enjoying whole trip. You can make it low cost if you already have van. Yes, the stories will be nicer to tell.

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16 Fabulous Kitchen Design by Jean Stoffer

One of the independent interior designer, Jean Stoffer, has a lot of ideas in kitchen design. Basically she is an interior designer and concentrate in kitchen since 1995. Her work can inspire the home owners. The design has new, fresh and unique look which is suitable for each client.

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15 Awesome Architecture Ideas

There are a lot of building which has awesome architecture. The architecture is awesome, futuristic and modern. Everyone can get some inspires after see it. It spread all over the world. Well, all the country has its awesome architecture.

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8 Inspirational Garden Path Ideas

You can make the garden looks great by add something contrast with your plants. You may have different colors of plants but still look same. It's time to add garden path to get different nuance. There are a lot of ideas how to make garden path easily or even in low budget.

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15 Incredible Future Houses

We all know how the house look like. With roof, wall, door and window with common shape. But how the future house architecture would be look like? You may not see it is as a house but a building with a futuristic design. It may need big land or even the smallest land.